Celebration library day


For the eighth consecutive year, bookstores all over Spain are celebrating the DAY OF BOOKS, a party with which we want to remember that a book is always an excellent acquisition and that the best place to make it is, without a doubt, a bookstore.

In the same way that no two people are the same, neither are bookstores: there are big ones and small ones; some accommodate many subjects, others specialize in a single subject; there are those who speak languages; many give shelter to letters and drawings for the smallest; others take us behind the big screen or offer us a space to have a cup of coffee.

As no two bookshops are the same, we invite you to come and visit us on 16 November. We would like to show you our diversity, our varied offer from romantic to science fiction, our pampering when dealing with books, so that you can participate in the passion that booksellers put into our profession. We like nothing more than discovering new authors, recommending a story that we thought was special or chatting about the latest published titles.

That’s something all bookstores have in common: a passion for books. We booksellers are people in love with our work, we enjoy what we do: selecting each book, thinking about how to expose it, reading as much as possible to recommend to each reader the book that best suits what they are looking for.

Roberto BolaƱo used to say that “every reader has the bookstore he deserves”. That’s why we celebrate this day: because we want to offer society the best bookstore possible. Every person who enters a bookstore is not a customer, but a friend. And we are proud to have such good friends. We are convinced that whoever dares to enter a bookshop always comes back.

We have an appointment. See you at the bookstore!